Why a Jellyfish?

Welcome dear readers to my humble blog. You can call me N. and my simple advice to you is: never trust a jellyfish. They are fascinating creatures to be sure, but you never know where you are with a Jellyfish. One minute you’re working under the hypothesis that all living things are born and eventually die. The next your whole worldview is challenged when you find out that some types of Jellyfish are basically immortal or that they age backward. And just to add insult to injury, the smallest known jellyfish is also apparently the deadliest creature on Earth.

So yes, jellyfish are slippery little devils (unless they are yards long, in which case they are slippery big devils), and though this blog isn’t about jellyfish, it is, like them, random, sometimes amusing, sometimes confusing but always full of surprises. So read on and follow along on the adventures of one bungling housewife through marriage, motherhood, life, and everything in between.

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