What is the concept of “equitable parenthood”?

I was never very good at math in school, it never failed to reduce me to a stressed-out mess (or a crying one at that). After yet another day spent battling numbers, I would console myself that once I graduated, I would never need to do math again, at least nothing more complicated than balancing my checkbook.

Apparently, I was wrong. Everything in life is just math, in the end, even parenthood

Sleeping baby = happy mommy

(Toddler + My Little Pony) + bedtime = tantrum

(Early morning + grumpy toddler) – sleep = a long day

(Mommy + coffee) + toddler = manageable

(Mommy – coffee) + toddler = kill me now

(Play date + toddler) – tantrum = relief

(Toddler + bed time) – tantrum = miracle

toddler + new toy = happy toddler

(Toddler + toddler) + one new toy = world war 3

Mommy + exhaustion + trying to sleep = fully awake toddler

Mommy + cooking = toddler wants playtime

Mommy + daddy + toddler + blankets + couch + movie = bliss

What do you think? What equations would you add to this list?

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