Almost Wordless Wednesday

Lilly loves wearing her ‘traditional’ Pakistani clothes, even though to her, it’s more a costume than a normal outfit. It’s funny how what was ‘normal’ for me growing up is more of a fun Halloween-esque costume for my daughter, but at least she likes it! Learning about the actual culture will have to come with time.


Ships in the Sky

We all look up at the same sky, some see clouds while others dream of ships sailing in the endless blue oceans of the skies..


In response to the Weekly Photography Challenge.

Can We Go Home Now? 

Some days we’re full of energy and activity, while on others we can barely be bothered to kick the ball at soccer practice ­čÖé

Wordless Wednesday

Nothing but an open road ahead and open skies above…


Wordless Wednesday: Burst of Color

Stolen Moments


A stolen moment of silent camaraderie between father and daughter is the best kind of moment.


In response to the writing101 prompt: Play with word count