Here’s to Extra Days of Summer!

It may be too hot for this time of year and this Mommy might be about ready to melt into a puddle of warm goo, but there’s at least one little munchkin who isn’t complaining about the ‘extended summer’!

Who needs pumpkin spice season when you can have extra days of summer instead, right?


Through the Lens: Bliss


Bliss is: finally catching that darn pigeon!

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‘I’m a Sucker for a Pretty Dress’ and Other Reasons I Watch the Oscars


It was Oscar Sunday last night so of course the thing to do was to cook up a storm, invite our friends over and loudly debate various issues completely unrelated to movies while the Oscars played in the back ground.

So we have the attention span of goldfish,  what can I say? In our defence, we are all parents of toddlers in various stages of the terrible twos so focusing our attention away from our little angels for more than 4 mins at a time is never a good idea.

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Toddler Logic

Toddlers have it good: they get to say whatever they want, make absolutely no sense whatsoever, and still win every argument. After all, how can you lose when you don’t have to make any sense, right?

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The Toddler Prayer

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Please stop screaming,

At least for a minute or two?

On Quietness and Doing Things a Little Differently [podcast]


You can call me lazy or you can call me creative, but here’s something a little different for today’s blog post:



Happy weekend everyone!

Change: The Pinterest Way!


One would think a two bedroom apartment would be enough space for a small family of 3. After all, how many rooms could we possibly need?

Apparently, at least one more.

You see, the husband requires space to work at home, and what started out as an ‘office table’ in the corner of the smaller bedroom soon morphed into a ‘office corner’ and eventually sprawled all over the room till there was no use NOT calling the entire room what it now was: an office.

Apparently this is not all you need for a ‘home office’

There go my plans for making the room into a cute little bedroom/playroom for Lilly.

Never fear though, I am nothing if not adaptable!

Does Lilly need a bed of her own and space to play? Sure. Does it have to be an entire separate room? Nope.

So after many nights on Pinterest (that place is way more addictive than it seems at first glance), several visits to stores and midnight buys on Amazon, I created a space for Lilly to call her own in one corner of our large master bedroom.


What do you guys think? I’m no Pinterest Mom, but I’m proud of what I managed to pull of 🙂

Is there any project you’ve been working on? Is there any project you are especially proud of? Or one you’ve been meaning to get started on?

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