On rainy days and making new traditions

I love the rain, and I love rainy days. I love the quiet introspection, the feeling of comfortable solitude and the smell of wet dirt in the air.

Once I became a mom though, I quickly realized that the whole ‘quiet introspection’ aspect wasn’t exactly possible with an energetic 3 year old practically bouncing off the walls demanding attention.

So now, rainy days are more about messy indoor play rather than quietness or solitude, but oddly enough I don’t think I mind at all.

Who needs solitude when you have a feisty little mini-me to keep you company!



They say that when the sun comes out of the clouds while it’s still raining, it’s supposed to bring luck and blessings to those that see it… 


In response to the Weekly Photography Challenge.

What’s Prettier Than a Rainbow?

There is only one thing prettier than a brightly colored rainbow on a lovely spring day: two parallel rainbows on a lovely spring day đŸ™‚


Approaching Storm


You think it’s going to be just another Fall day, unseasonably warm but pleasant, when your phone and TV suddenly start blaring sirens, giving you a minor heart attack in the process. Just as you’ve assured yourself it’s a tornado warning and not the battle call of invading alien battleships, you see this:

What an ominous start to the weekend.. Stay safe everyone!

After The Rain

What’s life without rainbows?


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a grand weekend đŸ™‚

Can a Street have an Identity Crisis?

Getting from point A to point B sounds easy enough in theory, but add torrential monsoon rains to the equation and the practice becomes just a tad more complicated. Case in point: trying to get home from work while the streets are having some sort of identity crisis and pretending to be rivers.


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Sunday Through a Window

A rainy morning..
… Turned into a foggy afternoon right out of a Stephen King story.
Beware the creatures that hide within the mist..
All plans for going out were definitely off the menu due to icy roads and foggy weather but a perfect time to enjoy a good book..
… that you've been meaning to read ever since you got it 2 weeks ago.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!