Almost Wordless Wednesday

Lilly loves wearing her ‘traditional’ Pakistani clothes, even though to her, it’s more a costume than a normal outfit. It’s funny how what was ‘normal’ for me growing up is more of a fun Halloween-esque costume for my daughter, but at least she likes it! Learning about the actual culture will have to come with time.


6 Stupid Things I Worried About on Our Roadtrip

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I’ve been off gallivanting through Canada for the past few days and just got back this weekend. Long story short, my sister and her husband just moved to that part of the world and we thought it’d be nice to go surprise them, though why we thought driving 8 hours to get there was the best option.

Toddlers and long road trips aren’t exactly the best of combinations.


To be fair though, Lilly behaved admirably most of the way there (and back). Being the worry wart that I am though, I found stuff to worry about anyway. Stuff like:

  1. If she doesn’t sleep: I swear if I have to sing Ba Ba Black Sheep one more time I just might jump out of this car.
  2. If she’s sleeping: Oh God it’s 7pm and she’s been sleeping since 5! If she doesn’t wake up soon she’ll be up all night once we get home..
  3. If she doesn’t drink water: She’s going to get dehydrated! Is the car too cold? Too hot? Why won’t she drink water?!
  4. If she drinks too much water: she’s going to need to go pee right when we’re in the middle of no where, isn’t she? I never thought I’d regret potty training her…
  5. If she watches videos on her iPad: She’s been on that thing for over an hour, thats definitely too much screen time, isn’t it? Is it safe for her to have that thing on her lap that long?!
  6. If she doesn’t want to watch videos on her iPad: Stop asking ‘are we there yet’! Who even taught her how to say that?? How do i keep her entertained for another 5 odd hours??


So there you have it: a glimpse into crazy-land, or at least into the world of this looking-for-stuff-to-stress-about crazy mom.