On Needing A Break and Doing Things Differently

It’s 9am and it already feels like half the day has gone by.

I’ve dropped Lilly off at preschool and usually around this time I’m rushing back home to catch up on housework, or running errands, or going off to lend my husband a hand with our business. Today though, I’ve decided to do something different.

I’ve realized recently that I’m always tired, always exhausted, and I never have time to do anything for myself. Being in the last trimester of my second pregnancy isn’t exactly helping with the whole exhaustion thing, but it’s more than that. I need a break, and I’ve realized that with a baby coming soon, This is probably the only time I’ll get to take that break.

So currently, I’m sitting at Panera Bread with a freshly brewed hot chocolate and a brand new book and this is where I’ll stay till it’s time to pick Lilly up from preschool.

The laundry can wait.


On rainy days and making new traditions

I love the rain, and I love rainy days. I love the quiet introspection, the feeling of comfortable solitude and the smell of wet dirt in the air.

Once I became a mom though, I quickly realized that the whole ‘quiet introspection’ aspect wasn’t exactly possible with an energetic 3 year old practically bouncing off the walls demanding attention.

So now, rainy days are more about messy indoor play rather than quietness or solitude, but oddly enough I don’t think I mind at all.

Who needs solitude when you have a feisty little mini-me to keep you company!

The Perfect Number

When I was younger, I always said I wanted a large family, with at least 6 kids. Needless to say everyone either thought I was crazy or that I’d come to my senses after I actually went through the process of having a baby.

As I matured, I decided maybe 6 kids really were too many to handle and I needed to lower the number of members in my imaginary family. So I decided 4 was a much more reasonable number and congratulated myself on being so sensible.

When I got married and had my first child at the age of 28, I finally understood why everyone kept telling me that having babies (and raising babies) wasn’t exactly easy. So I reevaluated my life plan a little and conceded that maybe aiming for 3 kids was a much more realistic goal.

Fast forward to today: as I sit here at 1:36am, massaging my aching back and trying to will away my pregnancy insomnia, I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, 2 really is the perfect number after all.

Toddler Checklists

House hunting is never easy, especially when you’re trying to find your dream house while also attempting to maybe not go bankrupt in the process. Between all the things you need to check for (I’m looking at you faulty plumbing), and all the things you simply need (my kingdom for a large kitchen island!), trying to decide what is important and what you can compromise on can very quickly reduce you to a frustrated, stressed out mess.

Thankfully, our 3 year old is blissfully free from the stressful side of house hunting since all she really cares about is having a bedroom for her toys and a backyard for that pair of spider-monkeys she swears are crucial to her continued happiness.

pictured: happiness (via pinterest.com)

Or at least that’s all I thought she was looking for in a house.

*us at an open house*

3 year old: *carefully peering up and down the backyard*

Me: what are you doing Lilly?

3 year old: checking for zombies.

Me: ….

Apparently my toddler has her own ideas of what to check for when house hunting.

Sunday Fails

We woke up today to a cold, rainy and all around dreary morning, so saying that I was glad it was a Sunday and we didn’t have to leave the house would be an understatement. It was only while I was happily whipping up some omelettes that I realized that we were out of bread and a grocery run before breakfast would definitely be required.  

Sigh. So much for a lazy Sunday at home.

10 Things My Toddlers Found Boring Today

You know how kids pick up a new word and suddenly they’re using it all the time and it’s completely adorable? And you know how it’s adorable for maybe the first few hours and then it’s maybe not all that adorable? 

Yes, that.

Lilly recently discovered the allure of the word ‘boring’ and for the last week or so, everything and anything has been enthusiastically described as ‘boring’. 

What exactly has she been calling boring? Well here’s 10 things she insisted were ‘boring’ just today:

1) The moon

How exactly can the moon be boring? No idea. I suppose it does just sit there without hype or glamour or neon disco lights so it could appear boring to a toddler..

Though I’m sure Mother Nature would beg to differ (image courtesy ABCnews.com)

2) My hair

No argument there.

3) Her hair

Now I may be biased here, given as she is my child and all, but I refuse to accept that Lilly’s hair is boring! It is the prettiest little head of hair I’ve ever seen and no one convince me otherwise. Though of course I will admit that my hair styling abilities may leave something to be desired.

Pictured: the height of my hairstyling abilities

4) Lunch

Not the particular lunch I served her today mind you, but the very idea of lunch. 

5) The color yellow

I always thought yellow was quite a happy and bright color and therefore not boring, but I suppose I was wrong.

6) Jumping

How can something that was the best thing in the world to do yesterday suddenly be boring today? Because the toddler said so, that’s why.

7) Apples

Ok, so maybe apples aren’t exactly the most exciting fruits out there, I’ll give her that..

8) Curtains

Because they block her view of the ‘boring’ moon.

9) Having to go to the bathroom

Nothing I can do about that one Lilly, sorry

10) Traffic lights

Well, no one likes being stuck at a long red light, but driving would be way more chaotic without them so sorry baby, but we can’t do away with traffic lights no matter how ‘boring’ they may be!

What does your toddler find ‘boring’? What new words have become way too overused in your household these days?

Starting School Already???

Yes, it is finally happening, my little itty bitty baby is starting school this fall! Ok so maybe she’s not all that itty bitty, she is almost 3 after all, and it’s not actually school, just nursery school which is glorified daycare right? But school is school and I am excited! She’s going to go to school! She’s all grown up (kind of)! I get a few hours a day to myself every day!


Is it bad that I’m more excited about that last one then I should be? Look, I love Lilly, she’s my whole entire world, but seriously guys, a girl needs a bit of time away from the house and kids every once in a while to retain her sanity. Me? I think the number of times I’ve done anything without Lilly along for the ride is in the single digits, and that’s counting doctors appointments which don’t really count as ‘me-time’ last time I checked. need a break
Suffice it to say, the start of ‘school’ is going to be an exciting new time for us both and I for one can’t wait!