4 Years?? Really?

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes you look back at something and think ‘I can’t believe that was 4 years ago! It feels like it was yesterday!’ While other times, you’ll look back at something else and think ‘That happened 4 years ago? It feels like much longer!’

And sometimes, you’ll feel a confusing combination of both types of feelings. This is one of those times.


Welcome to the Future!

About 3 decades ago today (give or take a few days from my own entrance into this world), Marty Mcfly set his time machine to ‘the future’ and flew away into a futuristic landscape with flying cars, self-tying shoe laces, freeze dried Pizza Hut pies and a psychedelic version of painfully 80s fashion. Fast forward to the present and the Back to the Future films are still one of my favorite movies and literally defined a generation of pop culture.

So what date exactly did Marty set on his machine way back in the misty past that was 1985?

Ok wow. Now I definitely feel old.

Happy ‘Back to the Future Day’ everyone, and welcome to the future (at least by 1985 standards)!

Is the future what YOU expected?