Sleep is a Fickle Mistress

7:56 pm: Lilly goes to bed 

8:15 pm: The husband and I have dinner, we clear away the dishes and he goes back to working in the home office

9 pm: I turn on the tv while I wait for the husband to get free from work

9:25 pm: so tired! Can barely keep my eyes open.

9:48 pm: sleeeeeepy.. Why am I still sitting here instead of being in bed?

10:02 pm: Tired husband enters the living room, we spend a nice half hour just chatting

11 pm: so darn sleepy! I’m definitely going to bed!

11:12 pm: crawl into bed, pull the comforter all the way up to my chin, and prepare to drift off to sleep…

11:13 pm: Remember an errand I forgot to put on my to-do list! No problem, I’ll just turn on my phone and add it now before I forget..

11:35 pm: Did I turn off the stove?

11:41 pm: shoot, I forgot to pick up black leggings for Lilly today! Better add that to my list..

11:47 pm: Now I need to go to the bathroom..

12:01 am: why am I still awake?

1:09 am: *still wide awake* I hate myself.

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