On Spontaneity, Sanity, and Last Minute Houses 

Some people are all about spontaneity and doing stuff spur of the moment, while other people are like me. Let’s just say that I am not a fan of spontaneity. I like to plan things, make lists, to be prepared. There’s just something about uncertain or sudden plans that stress me the hell out! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spontaneous trips to a movie or dinner every once in a while, even the odd out-of-town trip here or there, but the big stuff? The big stuff needs to be planned in advance if I want to keep myself from going crazy.

This brings me to our current situation: moving house. Moving isn’t all that big of a deal you might say, people, do it all the time. It might be time-consuming or exhausting, but that’s about it, right? Well, it is if you know where you’re moving to.

We currently live in an apartment, the lease of which will be up in 2 short months, and we honestly have no idea where we’re going when that happens. We’ve given our notice, no uncertainty about that, but where we’re going is definitely a mystery. 

We’ve been house hunting for over 6 months now and anyone who has gone through the process will tell you that it is an impossible feat to find something that fits all your criteria while still being within your budget. Great house? Backs onto a highway. An old house that needs fixing up? Too expensive so won’t leave money in your budget for the renovations. Awesome neighborhood? The house has only one bathroom. Perfect house in a nice neighborhood? Crappy school district. 

So yes, house hunting is not for the easily fazed. Let’s just hope we find a place and soon! Something tells me I’m going to be impossible to live with the closer we get to our move-out date without someplace to move into…

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