Is this what happy looks like

What does it mean to be happy? What is happiness? Happiness can be many different things for many different people, but it’s always the little things that really put a smile on your face :) For instance, happiness is:

1) Finally fitting into a pre-pregnancy shirt or dress

2) Not burning the house down when forgetting to turn the stove off because the baby distracted you (allegedly)

3) A cup of tea first thing in the morning

4) My husband picking up a box of chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes on his way home because he knows those are my favorite

5) Getting to eat a chocolate-frosted chocolate cupcake

6) Managing to get through meal time with Baby L without having to change my clothes (or hers) afterward

7) A bowl of hot soup and your husband’s hoodie on a cold rainy evening

This is what happy looks like

So what made YOU happy recently?

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