Hypothetically Speaking, Can Bad Luck Carry Foward to a New Week?

Mondays aren’t exactly the most beloved of days, in fact, some would argue that they’re the least-looked-forward-to day of the week. I get it, of course, Monday signals the end of the weekend and back to the daily grind of work or school or both for most people and that sucks.

Sometimes though, Monday can be a good thing. For instance, if you were perhaps (hypothetically) having a really really bad week, then a Monday would signal the end of that week and the hope of a better week to come, right? So if, hypothetically speaking, someone had managed to cut herself badly while dicing tomatoes…

… and then a few days later managed to sprain her foot bad enough to warrant an X-ray…

…then the end of the week would mean no more bad luck, right? I know they say bad news/luck comes in 3s, but if it’s Monday then that streak of unfortunate events can’t carry forward to the new week, right?


Hypothetically speaking of course.

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