How to be a single stay at home mom?

In the past, stay at home moms were looked down on and seen as a second-class citizen. Though now, with the rise of technology, stay at home moms are more accepted and seen as an equal.

There are many benefits to being a single stay at home mom. You can save money by not paying for daycare or any other childcare services. You can also spend more time with your kids and enjoy quality time with them.

Being a single stay at mother is not easy though, especially when you have to work long hours in order to make ends meet. It is important that you plan ahead so that you can make it through this difficult period without too much stress. .-A single stay at home mom’s life can be more difficult in the short run, but more rewarding over the long-term. Many benefits to being a single stay at home mom including saving money and spending quality time with your kids.-Being a single Stay at Home Mom is not easy, so you must plan ahead for the future to make it through without too much stress.

11 Things You Should Never Say to a Stay-at-Home Mom

1) You didn’t get time to cook dinner? What were you doing all day? (If you want to get a frying pan flattened across your forehead than go ahead and say this. If not, then just stay quiet and order pizza. Maybe offer to massage her feet while you’re at it.)

2) Your baby’s socks don’t match. (Yes I know they don’t match. Don’t judge me!)

3) Are you going to let your baby eat that for lunch? I only do organic food that I cook myself. (That’s great but unless you’re offering to cook for my kids, shut up,and leave me alone)

4) Did you know there’s dust on the ceiling fan? When are you going to clean that? (Warning: the housewife in front of you is either about to burst into tears or attack you with a knitting needle.)

5) You let your baby watch TV? (Yes. Yes I do.)

6) Look at you all dressed up! Good on you! (They say flattery gets you everywhere but being condescending gets you no where..)

7) You should put on some makeup. (Um, I am wearing makeup… Excuse me while I go cry in the bathroom..)

8) You’re still in pjs at 2pm? (You try taking a shower with a toddler attached to your knee!)

9) You should really try to lose that baby weight otherwise you’ll be stuck with it forever. (Do you think I’m not trying to lose the extra pounds genius?)

10) You’re a stay at home mom? That’s so nice! I’d kill to be able to laze around at home all day! (Do you want to get killed? Because this is how you get yourself killed.)

11) Oh you have a Mommy Blog? That’s so adorable! (See 6 and 10 above)

What would you add to this list dear readers?

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