Change: What is Pinterest’s interest?

One would think a two-bedroom apartment would be enough space for a small family of 3. After all, how many rooms could we possibly need?

Apparently, at least one more.

You see, the husband requires space to work at home, and what started out as an ‘office table’ in the corner of the smaller bedroom soon morphed into an ‘office corner’ and eventually sprawled all over the room till there was no use NOT calling the entire room what it now was: an office.

Apparently, this is not all you need for a ‘home office’

Apparently, this is not all you need for a ‘home office’

There go my plans for making the room into a cute little bedroom/playroom for Lilly.

Never fear though, I am nothing if not adaptable!

Does Lilly need a bed of her own and space to play? Sure. Does it have to be an entirely separate room? Nope.

So after many nights on Pinterest (that place is way more addictive than it seems at first glance), several visits to stores, and midnight buying on Amazon, I created a space for Lilly to call her own in one corner of our large master bedroom.

What do you guys think? I’m no Pinterest Mom, but I’m proud of what I managed to pull of 🙂

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