Attempting Pinterest Mom-hood: The Bunny Project   

We’ve all been there: scrolling through our Pinterest feed in search of a quick dinner recipe and instead coming across image after image of perfectly crafted, handmade things that make you feel vaguely inadequate as a human being.

Ok so maybe it’s not that bad, but you get the idea: you see all these people creating things with their own hands and you wish you could do it too.

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Not a Good Idea..


I have discovered the world of scary podcasts and it is more than a little addictive. Who knew you could scare yourself silly just by listening to a 30 minute audio broadcast? Especially when you’re stupid enough to listen to it on your headphones, in bed at night with the lights off? Not me, no siree, I did not know that…

*goes back to trying to sleep with all the lights on *

On Quietness and Doing Things a Little Differently [podcast]


You can call me lazy or you can call me creative, but here’s something a little different for today’s blog post:



Happy weekend everyone!


My husband often asks me why I like watching dark documentaries and crime drama so much. Why, after putting Lilly to bed, I like to ‘unwind’ with Investigation Discovery or Criminal Minds instead of ‘normal people TV’.

Pictured: Normal people TV

Ok, how do I explain this without sounding a wee bit crazy.

Life is all about balance, right? You eat a bit unhealthy and make up for it by exercising more. You forgo that vacation but manage to squeeze in a day trip to the beach. You stay up late one night, go to bed with the toddler on other nights.

Balance. Sort of.

So after a long looong day of life in primary colors, overly happy cartoon characters and preschooler play dates, a woman needs a dose of crime drama to achieve some level of balance. Rom-coms and chick flicks are all well and good, but those genres are basically just grown-up versions of the primary colored cartoon worlds that is preschooler TV.

So yes, I like to watch crime drama or spooky movies to balance out the excessive amounts of My Little Pony and Caillou in my day.

Pictured: Balance

How do you recuperate after a long day?

The Walk


After a few long, tiring days, this weekend I decided that it was about time for a break, so on Sunday I set out for a long relaxing walk, camera in hand.

Walking outdoors is always relaxing and calming, so what could be better, right?

Turns out, I’ve either been watching way too many scary movies and am seeing ‘creepy’ all around me, or I just live in a creepy town.

Somehow, neither of those options is entirely comforting.




A bit of beauty in a stark world
And a new moon rising above it all..

Are You Scared Yet?


Here’s the thing: I love watching scary movies, always have and probably always will. My husband though isn’t such a big fan. His philosophy is that we watch movies to entertain us so why torture yourself with nightmare fuel when you can watch an interesting thriller, a fascinating scifi or a feel-good romcom instead?

I’ll concede that his argument is valid and logical, but I still love horror movies because let’s face it, horror movie buffs aren’t exactly known for being logical what with choosing to scare themselves enough to have to sleep with the lights on for the next several days.

pictured: a bad idea

So the other night my husband, exhausted from a long day of work, decided to go to bed earlier than usual and with Lilly in bed by 9, I was left with an unprecedented 2-3 hour block of me-time before bed. Technically, there was a lot that needed to be done: laundry needed to be folded, living room to be vacuumed, stove to be cleaned and so on and on, but forget that, I get to watch a scary movie because no one is here to object!

I gleefully ensconced myself in a mass of cushions on the sofa, grabbed the remote and started flipping through the ‘On Demand’ programming in search of a scary movie.

Within minutes I’d found one (The Summoning)  which sounded appropriately scary, without being too long.

I clicked on ‘watch’.

The screen flickered with smoke as a man’s face came into focus, something dark lurking to the side.

I picked up the remote, clicked ‘pause’, turned the TV off and made a beeline for my bedroom.

I’d watched exactly 26 seconds of the movie, which was apparently long enough for me to realize I wasn’t brave enough to watch a scary movie all on my lonesome.

I knew I should have opted to fold laundry instead.

Once Upon a Halloween


It was a dark and stormy night…

.. Clouds hanging low in an indigo sky.

Dangerous creatures crawled out of hiding…


.. and shadows flickered behind grinning jack o’lanterns.

But fear not friends who walk abroad tonight, for there are Heros among us, and they will keep the shadows at bay..


How was your Halloween dear readers?