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On Perspective, Chocolate Cake and Accusing Eyes

No matter how big of an optimist you may be, there will still be times when life brings you down. It could be something big, it could be something seemingly trivial, but those bad patches when you feel like crap hit even the best of us.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might know that I’m trying to get back into shape after a summer of junk food and soda, and I was doing really well too. 3lbs in a little less than 2 weeks isn’t all that bad, right? 

And than this weekend happened. It was only a 3 day trip to visit family, but I think I ate enough food to feed a small army. I’m afraid to weigh myself because if I’ve gained back any of that weight I will definitely get depressed!

So there I was, eating chocolate cake and feeling sorry for myself at the same time, when I happened across the following image on Pinterest:

And you know what? It made me feel better for some weird reason. I’ll lose the extra pounds, I know I will. Whatever else might happen, at least I have a loving and caring husband who won’t give me the silent treatment over a clogged drain 😂 It’s all about perspective people! No matter how down in the dumbs I may get, stuff like this reminds me that there are weirder problems out there (or there were) that people deal with!

Tiny Little Teacups

I like pretty things, I’m a sucker for them to be honest, but I do an ok job (mostly) of not hoarding all the pretty things I see Gollum-style. There are certain types of pretty things though that I just can’t resist and tea cups are pretty high up on that list!

My husband likes to joke that I have more tea sets in my kitchen than clothes in my closet and I’m pretty sure he’s not too far off the mark.

So yes, I’m always on the lookout for pretty teacups wherever I might be, which is probably why I walked into a toy store this weekend only to walk out with a tiny little china tea set for Lilly.


I know I know, giving a toddler something breakable to play with isn’t the best of ideas, but this thing was too cute to pass up! Lilly on her part loves it as much as her crazy mother does and handles the tiny thing with the most adorable levels of care.

tiny-tea-set  tiny-tea-set

Don’t you just loves ‘toys’ that are as much for moms as they are for kids?


Though of course I need a much larger cup to get my post-dinner caffeine fix 😂.

Excuse Me While I Go Full Girly Girl For a Minute Here..

I tend to wear a lot of hats these days: wife, mom, cook, maid, wiper of tears, kisser of scraped knees, laundress, organizer, handyman, toddler entertainment expert and general picker up of discarded toys. On the inside though, I’m still the excitable 15 year old who gets giddy over a pretty pair of shoes.

floral pumps

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Toddler fashion

My sister’s wedding is right around the corner in January and you know what that means: my budget has gone right out the window as I scramble to get all of Lilly’s wedding shopping (as well as a bit of mine) finished before we fly out to Pakistan at the end of the month.

No pressure, right? Right.

Do you guys have any idea how many articles of clothing and shoes a 2 year old needs for a Pakistani wedding? A lot, that’s how many.

especially if the foot the shoe fits belongs to your toddler..

You see, a Pakistani wedding isn’t a single days event, oh no, it’s a week long extravaganza with multiple events spread over several days, each requiring a brand new outfit. Factor in the subzero temperatures in Pakistan that time of year (and lack of central heating) and that makes for a whole lot of clothing I need to purchase for one very retail-happy toddler.

pictured: deciding what we will demand mommy buy next

It’s easier for adults, we can re-wear older outfits, mix and match a little to create new looks, or have something old repurposed to create something new, but little kids? That’s a tad more difficult. They never really have tons of formal clothing (because they outgrow it quickly) so there’s rarely old stuff to be ‘repurposed’ or reworn, so the only remaining option of course is to buy new things.

Sounds simple enough right? Buy 2 or 3 new dresses and call it a day!

Ok, what if I told you this wedding involves at least 7 formal events (each requiring a different outfit) as well as an unknown number of formal dinners after the wedding?

Doesn’t sound all that simple now does it?

The problem isn’t finding nice dresses, the mall is full of beautiful (and expensive) toddler dresses this time of year, the problem is finding great deals on nice dresses. I absolutely refuse to spend upwards of 50 dollars on a dress Lilly will likely wear only once. Contrary to what we would all like to believe, money does not grow on trees.

sad but true..


And another thing: what exactly am I supposed to do with a closetful of poofy formal dresses for Lilly after the wedding? How many more weddings or ultra formal events will there be before she grows out of her pretty dresses? Probably not a whole lot I’m guessing.

Oh well, waste not want not, right? Something tells me Lilly is going to be the best dressed toddler there could be at the coming season’s play dates..

You Should be Angry


How exactly does one raise a daughter in the 21st century? Well, prim and proper and politically correct is one way to go about it, or you could take Lunar Baboon‘s advice and go a slightly different route:

Me, I love the idea of teaching my daughter to roar before she can string a proper sentence together, don’t you? 😛

Comic by the fabulous Lunar Baboon, all rights and trademarks belong to him.

Dear Misogynists..


Dear Misogynists,

Why hello there, fancy meeting you here. Are you enjoying life in your little bubble of existence? Are you comfy in your insulation of denial? Happy in your ‘factual’ knowledge of the ‘inherent inferiority’ of women? Good good. Far be it for me to burst your heavily fortified bubble but my humble female self would like to offer you just a few guidelines in the art of NOT getting your face smashed by a member of the ‘inferior’ denizens of society:

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