So How Happy Are You?

As most of you know, November is the month of several writing and blogging challenges, one of the most popular being the NaBloPoMo challenge that I’m currently taking part in. As if trying to find something worthwhile to post every single day for a month wasn’t hard enough, I’ve just decided to start another unrelated challenge just for the heck of it.

Ok so maybe the fact that I just opened a brand new Instagram account for my blog might have something to do with my decision to throw myself into this second challenge, but who’s to say, right? Either way, it’s the perfect challenge for Instagram: the 100 happy days challenge! The idea is simple enough: find one thing every day for 100 days that makes you happy and post a picture on your preferred social media channel. 

I know I know, this isn’t a new challenge by any means, but I’ve always meant to try my hand at it but just never had the proper place to do it. Enter Instagram and voila, I’ve got the perfect place at last!

So who’s ready for some happiness? Go ahead and sign up on the website and use the tag #100happydays if you want to join me! The more the merrier 🙂


Hi Fall, Don’t Tell Summer, But I Think I Love You So Much More!

… and I know I can’t be the only one 😆


Are you taking part in NaBloPoMo this year? No? I demand you go sign up right now! 


Did Someone Say Pumpkin?

What’s fall without an over abundance of pumpkins in every form, in every direction? 

Lilly’s handiwork
Baby pumpkins!

Wordless Wednesday: When chopping vegetables, never look anywhere but the vegetables


The Things We Leave Behind

When we were kids, computers were not exactly as prolifically available as they are today. Nowadays even toddlers are walking around with a handheld computer in their hands let alone the adults. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, you name it and chances are every person within a 1 mile radius as at least 2 such devices to their name (or possibly on their person right at this moment).

When I was a kid though? Well, I may only be 30, but let’s just say no one was getting a shiny new iPhone every year through their teens when I was that age. Even when I started university the on-campus computers were mostly clunky old monitors that showed the blue screen of death more often than a A-grade paper.

Halfway through my tumultuous university years though the administration decided it was high time we all joined the 21st century and tossed out the old monitors for shiny new models. Which is when I took this picture:


Out with the old and in with the new I suppose, quite literally in this case. Despite all the frustration and annoyance these musty old pieces of tech caused though, I think we all felt a little sad at the sight of them discarded and forlorn at the back of the room. They may have been hopelessly outdated, but they got us through a lot of classes, courses and semesters and in the end, we missed them, even if it was just a little bit…

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You Know it’s too Hot Outside When…

You know the day is too hot to be outside when all the swings at the playground are empty..

Ships in the Sky

We all look up at the same sky, some see clouds while others dream of ships sailing in the endless blue oceans of the skies..


In response to the Weekly Photography Challenge.