Happy Friday!

It’s finally starting to feel like Fall and I for one couldn’t be happier.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a lovely, chilly weekend and a spook-tacular Friday the 13th 👻.


Here’s to Extra Days of Summer!

It may be too hot for this time of year and this Mommy might be about ready to melt into a puddle of warm goo, but there’s at least one little munchkin who isn’t complaining about the ‘extended summer’!

Who needs pumpkin spice season when you can have extra days of summer instead, right?

On rainy days and making new traditions

I love the rain, and I love rainy days. I love the quiet introspection, the feeling of comfortable solitude and the smell of wet dirt in the air.

Once I became a mom though, I quickly realized that the whole ‘quiet introspection’ aspect wasn’t exactly possible with an energetic 3 year old practically bouncing off the walls demanding attention.

So now, rainy days are more about messy indoor play rather than quietness or solitude, but oddly enough I don’t think I mind at all.

Who needs solitude when you have a feisty little mini-me to keep you company!

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Lilly loves wearing her ‘traditional’ Pakistani clothes, even though to her, it’s more a costume than a normal outfit. It’s funny how what was ‘normal’ for me growing up is more of a fun Halloween-esque costume for my daughter, but at least she likes it! Learning about the actual culture will have to come with time.


Life can get very stressful, very fast and if you’re not careful, all that stress can drag you down into a not-so-great place. So when you’re feeling that anxiety starting to pull at your heart, you better have a go-to plan to relieve that stress and keep from getting overwhelmed.

For me, that go-to thing is cooking, baking or anything I can do with my hands. Which is probably why last night found me sitting crossed legged on the living room floor, surrounded by paper, cutting out snowflakes.

Whatever it takes to relax, right?

Rainy Days, a Stir-Crazy Toddler and M&M Cookies

Finding things to keep a toddler occupied on rainy, cold or sick days is never easy, especially when said toddler is too full of energy for her own good and is basically driving you halfway to crazy town.

So what is a mommy to do when it’s a gloomy, rainy day outside and there’s no preschool to boot? Find something fun to do of course. Something that’ll distract the 3 year old without boring you to death in the process (I know I know, I sound like the worst mom ever but seriously guys, how many play doh Peppa Pigs can you build before you want to chuck the whole primary colored mess out the window?).

Lucky for me Lilly takes after me and loves anything food related! Making and baking several batches of cookies in a warm kitchen while it’s cold and wet outside? That is the definition of perfection 😋


In response to Weekly Photography Challenge.

Fall 🍁

The best season of the year as far as I’m concerned..