It’s Over Book! (Or Not)

I'll just leave this here then…


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Mommy For Sale… Apparently

So my Toddler climbed onto the couch where I was sitting, scooted over to me, placed a $2 price sticker on my forehead and walked away.

You know, just in case my self-esteem needed to be taken down a peg or two (or seven).

Mommy problems
Any buyers?


DayQuil vs NyQuil

Dear makers of Vicks,

I love your new ad campaign, I do. The ads are fun and relatable and there are no half-naked ladies in there which is always a plus in my book. One quick question though: how come Dads get to take NyQuil while Moms take DayQuil? Was this just a random mistake, a faux pas if you will, without any hidden agenda? or was it intentional? Since I love you guys so much, I’m going to go ahead and assume that it’s the former because otherwise I’m left with the frustrating feeling that Dads, even if they are taking a hand in child care and housework, still get to have a good nights sleep while Moms should stick to ‘non-drowsy’ DayQuil since they’ll probably be up with the baby all night regardless of of any cold or flu.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into a 15 second commercial for cold medicine. In which case, just ignore the above and carry on!



… vs NyQuil

Sunday Through a Window

A rainy morning..
… Turned into a foggy afternoon right out of a Stephen King story.
Beware the creatures that hide within the mist..
All plans for going out were definitely off the menu due to icy roads and foggy weather but a perfect time to enjoy a good book..
… that you've been meaning to read ever since you got it 2 weeks ago.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!


Too Much?

There comes a time in the life of a parent (usually when they are cleaning up the living room for the 17th time in the day and running out of places to hide the growing clutter) that they realize that their munchkin just might have too many toys.

I need to really get that toy box I've been meaning to get ever since Lilly's birthday.

Is it very obvious that she's my first and (for now) only child?


Stay Tuned…

New years resolutions are lovely and all but this new year, instead of trying to (or wanting to) change yourself, let’s look at the other side of the coin: if you could change one thing about the people/world around you, what would it be? What really grinds your gears? What annoys you? What would YOU change? 

That’s the question I posed to my fellow bloggers and if you want to know the answers, stay tuned for the Resolution Revolution Blog Series kicking off tomorrow with some very important advice from Aviets from Mom Goes On 🙂

resolution revolution


Road Trip Wisdom

Road trip


The best thing about an extended road trip with a toddler is the part where you are back home again.