Can a Street have an Identity Crisis?

Getting from point A to point B sounds easy enough in theory, but add torrential monsoon rains to the equation and the practice becomes just a tad more complicated. Case in point: trying to get home from work while the streets are having some sort of identity crisis and pretending to be rivers.


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Such a big city with so many, many people enveloped within its network of roads and buildings, yet everything seems so small from up here. If only all our worries and stresses were just as small..


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Sister My Sister

Everything has its cons as well as pros, that’s just the way stuff works. Nothing is ALL good or ALL bad, life isn’t black and white like that. Sometimes though, the pros outweigh the cons so ludicrously that you wonder just how you managed to sneak it past karma. 

Having your sister over to stay is one of those things. Especially when she also happens to be an exceptionally good cook.   

 So yes, I may not have time to blog regularly these days, but something tells me I can live with that compromise.

Finding Narnia

You guys, don’t get too excited but I think I inadvertently stumbled into Narnia today. 

Anyone else want to join me and Mr. Tumnus for tea and pretend we don’t have a care in the world?
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The Unicorn Advice

Happy Monday everyone!



Travel, Toddlers and Matrimonials

Traveling halfway across the world with an energetic toddler, jet lag induced exhaustion, a death in the family and having to deal with a cranky toddler who refuses to eat anything since arriving in the country are not things that are fun when thrown at you all at once. On the bright side though, Pakistan always manages to throw entertainment at you in unexpected ways, like the classified ad below, so that no matter how bad things get, there is always something absurd around the corner to give you a good laugh.




Home is your private space in a busy world. Unless you live in a big city of course, then home is only as private as the thickness of your shades allow.

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