On Perspective, Chocolate Cake and Accusing Eyes

No matter how big of an optimist you may be, there will still be times when life brings you down. It could be something big, it could be something seemingly trivial, but those bad patches when you feel like crap hit even the best of us.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might know that I’m trying to get back into shape after a summer of junk food and soda, and I was doing really well too. 3lbs in a little less than 2 weeks isn’t all that bad, right? 

And than this weekend happened. It was only a 3 day trip to visit family, but I think I ate enough food to feed a small army. I’m afraid to weigh myself because if I’ve gained back any of that weight I will definitely get depressed!

So there I was, eating chocolate cake and feeling sorry for myself at the same time, when I happened across the following image on Pinterest:

And you know what? It made me feel better for some weird reason. I’ll lose the extra pounds, I know I will. Whatever else might happen, at least I have a loving and caring husband who won’t give me the silent treatment over a clogged drain 😂 It’s all about perspective people! No matter how down in the dumbs I may get, stuff like this reminds me that there are weirder problems out there (or there were) that people deal with!


On Spontaneity, Sanity and Last Minute Houses 

Some people are all about spontaneity and doing stuff spur of the moment, while other people are like me. Let’s just say that I am not a fan of spontaneity. I like to plan things, to make lists, to be prepared. There’s just something about uncertain or sudden plans that stress me the hell out! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spontaneous trips to a movie or dinner every once in a while, even the odd out of town trip here or there, but the big stuff? The big stuff needs to be planned in advance if I want to keep myself from going crazy.

Which brings me to our current situation: moving house. Moving isn’t all that big of a deal you might say, people do it all the time. It might be time-consuming or exhausting, but that’s about it, right? Well, it is if you know where you’re moving to.

We currently live in an apartment, the lease of which will be up in 2 short months, and we honestly have no idea where we’re going when that happens. We’ve given our notice, no uncertainty about that, but where we’re going is definitely a mystery. 

We’ve been house hunting for over 6 months now and anyone who has gone through the process will tell you that it is an impossible feat to find something that fits all your criteria while still being in your budget. Great house? Backs onto a highway. Old house that needs fixing up? Too expensive so won’t leave money in your budget for the renovations. Awesome neighborhood? The house has only one bathroom. Perfect house in a nice neighborhood? Crappy school district. 

So yes, house hunting is not for the easily  fazed. Let’s just hope we find a place and soon! Something tells me I’m going to be impossible to live with the closer we get to our move out date without some place to move into…

On Shaking Off the Summer Haze

This summer, as I may have mentioned once or twice before, has been more than a tad hectic to say the least. Always being on the go and always doing stuff may seem awesome and fun for a while but after a month or so of constant activity? Well let’s just say the charm wears off soon and you actually start relishing the odd day or so of having nothing to do!

So yes, I definitely need a vacation after this summer, though I suppose a vacation would mean more activity and moving around so maybe what I really need is a few consecutive days of peace and quiet and nothing to do.

A side-effect of constant activity that I didn’t anticipate was the mental haze that comes with it. Basically, when you’re always working or on the move, there really isn’t any time in the day to think. I like to think of myself as a wannabe writer and usually my head is always full of ideas and snatches of creative inspiration but for the first time in a long time all my head seems to be full of is a hazy cloud of exhaustion. Even when I’m actively trying to come up with things to write, all I end up with is the idea of wanting to write and nothing to go with it, and that really bothers me. Writing, or creativity in general, is an essential part of who I am and without it, I just feel slightly lost.

So yes, summer is almost over (hopefully) and I for one cannot wait for the dull routine of life to pick up again. Maybe I’ll have better luck shaking off this haze when my physical life is less demanding!


Every. Single. Time

Me: It’s 11:30pm, the dishwasher is loaded, dryer is emptied, living room picked up, toddler asleep and I need to unwind! Oh look I have 17 episodes of Castle recorded that I haven’t watched yet. I’ll just watch 1 episode before heading to bed…

*4 hrs and definitely more then 1 episode later*

Me: Damn it!

The Summer of Things

A lot happens during the few months of summer, a lot more than happens in all the rest of the year combined. Adventures are had, plans are made, bucket lists are tackled and new places are seen. With all that activity though also comes the ever looming mantle of exhaustion. 

Physical exhaustion is an obvious side effect of all the stuff we’re doing and to be expected, but what I always forget about, and never see coming, is the emotional exhaustion that goes hand in hand with having too much to do and too little time to to it in.

So yes dear readers, it is about that time of the year again when I’m starting to feel more and more exhausted and am desperately in need of a long break. I don’t know about you, but I’m about ready for this summer to be over. There is after all such a thing as too much of a good thing.

You Know it’s too Hot Outside When…

You know the day is too hot to be outside when all the swings at the playground are empty..

The Suprising Thing

Kids shouldn’t be allowed too much screen time, it’ll rot their brain, everyone knows that. Ok, that makes sense, but have the people who hand out these sage pieces of advice ever met a toddler? Because if they had they would know that turning on any device with a screen within a 1 mile radius of a kid will result in the said kid either wrestling the device from you, demanding you hand it over peacefully or throwing a migraine-inducing tantrum.

pictured: a wrestling match waiting to happen

 Theoretically, the idea is ‘limited screen time for kids’ but practically speaking, all parents eventually realize that limited screen time for kids = limited screen time for parents.

So yes, I end up either not watching tv at all or being subjected to episode after episode of talking ponies and their friendship problems.  

As a parent to a 2 year old, that isn’t exactly too surprising. What’s surprising though is that I’m starting to realize I actively avoid non-toddler friendly programming even when I do have the opportunity to watch it. Grown-up tv may have more depth, variety or entertainment value, but kids tv has something better: a make-believe world where nothing bad can ever happen. With the kinds of things happening in the real world these days, I kinda prefer the primary-colored world of preschooler tv. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any more ‘realistic’ and ‘gritty’ in my entertainment when the world is too real as is.