Happy Friday!

It’s finally starting to feel like Fall and I for one couldn’t be happier.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a lovely, chilly weekend and a spook-tacular Friday the 13th 👻.


How is it Almost March Already??

I know, I know, it’s not very innovative or new to declare that ‘time really flies’ or ‘where did the time go’ but seriously guys, how is it almost March already? Wasn’t it just the holiday season with lights up on the houses and the New Year just around the corner? Wasn’t it just New Year Resolution season?? I know I’m generally quite absent minded but how did I just realize that it’s (almost) March and that the new year isn’t all that new anymore? 

Note to self: buy a bigger wall calendar with one of those bright red movable squares to highlight the date. Hopefully I won’t disappear for another few months only to resurface with a post about how it’s the middle of summer and I don’t know where the time went. 

Or maybe just get a couple and put them up all over the house


Sunday Fails

We woke up today to a cold, rainy and all around dreary morning, so saying that I was glad it was a Sunday and we didn’t have to leave the house would be an understatement. It was only while I was happily whipping up some omelettes that I realized that we were out of bread and a grocery run before breakfast would definitely be required.  

Sigh. So much for a lazy Sunday at home.

A Big Sunny Field

What makes you happy?


Does This Skull Make Me Look Crazy: The Day After Halloween

The day after Halloween, at least for me, is always a little depressing. It’s like the day after your birthday or the day after the big party you’d been planning for ages: all the build up, the anticipation (and the event itself) are over and it just leaves you feeling a little deflated. Heck, even the event itself isn’t the highlight, it’s the month long preparations that go into it that are the most fun part!

So yes, it’s the day after Halloween and I’m not looking forward to taking apart the spooky house look and replacing it with boring ‘same old, same old’ house look again. Why can’t my home look spooky all year round, I ask? Sure, having disembodied skulls hanging on my front door in March might cause the neighbors to speculate about my sanity, but wouldn’t it be fun though? 

Not my house, but I sure wish mine looked like this! (Image via Pinterest.com)

Why is it that all the stuff that’s fun in life is also the stuff that makes you look mad as a hatter? Definitely one of the great mysteries of life… 


Are you taking part in NaBloPoMo this November? If you are, say hi in the comments! If not, it’s not too late to sign up 🙂 

Late At Night

Sitting beside my living room window on an upper floor of the apartment building, I can see most of the parking lot below. It’s full this late at night, everyone is home and probably snug in bed on this cold and dreary evening. The rain that started falling several days ago is still keeping up a gentle drizzle, making the metal bodies of the cars below glisten in the glow of the streetlights. 

I look down at the lot, shrouded in rain, mist and shadows, not a soul in sight. And just as I start to look away, something, something indefinite, something shadowy, begins to move.


Hypothetically Speaking, Can Bad Luck Carry Foward to a New Week?

Mondays aren’t exactly the most beloved of days, in fact some would argue that they’re the least-looked-forward-to day of the week. I get it of course, Monday signals the end of the weekend and back to the daily grind of work or school or both for most people and that sucks.

Sometimes though, Monday can be a good thing. For instance, if you were perhaps (hypothetically) having a really really bad week, than a Monday would signal the end of that week and the hope of a better week to come, right? So if, hypothetically speaking, someone had managed to cut herself badly while dicing tomatoes…

… and than a few days later managed to sprain her foot bad enough to warrant an x-Ray…

…then the end of the week would mean no more bad luck, right? I know they say bad news/luck comes in 3s, but if it’s Monday, than that streak of unfortunate events can’t carry forward to the new week, right?


Hypothetically speaking of course.



Pink Pear Bear