Attempting Pinterest Mom-hood: The Bunny Project

We’ve all been there: scrolling through our Pinterest feed in search of a quick dinner recipe and instead coming across image after image of perfectly crafted, handmade things that make you feel vaguely inadequate as a human being.

Ok so maybe it’s not that bad, but you get the idea: you see all these people creating things with their own hands and you wish you could do it too.

Pinterest mom I am not, but I’ve always wanted to try my hand at the crafty side of life. There’s just something deeply satisfying about creating something with your own hands, that’s partly why I enjoy cooking so much!

So armed with my vague desire to try something ‘crafty’ and with inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers Hayley, I set out this weekend to make a soft toy for Lilly as an ‘easy’ first project.

Step 1: Find a free pattern

This was (surprisingly) not as easy as I thought it would be. Turns out a lot of those links for patterns on Pinterest just lead to websites where you have to pay to acquire said pattern.

Not cool.

Finding a free pattern that I thought was pretty as well as simple enough for a novice took a little research but I finally settled on this pattern for an adorable little bunny.

Step 2: Cut out the material

Who knew something as simple as cutting out perfect little bunny ears from fabric could be so satisfying..

Step 3: Start sewing!

There was a point in this project when I really wished I had a sewing machine, but overall it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to sew it all by hand. Except for all those times, I nicked my finger on the needle that is. Maybe working with a small, sharp object isn’t exactly the best choice for a clumsy person..

Step 4: Embroider the features
This was the most fun part! I loved doing the cute little eyes and mouth, though I’ll admit it took me a little trial and error to get the thread to work right.

Step 5: Turn the bunny right-side out

Step 6: Put in the stuffing and you’re done!

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