Write a Book or be a Unicorn: How do I Decide?

Three year olds are fickle creatures, and that’s a fact. One day something is their absolute favorite thing in the world, the next it’s the worst thing you could ever offer them. Is rice with peas their absolute favorite food? Not anymore, now it’s akin to poison as far as they’re concerned. Do they love the color purple? Wait till you buy that pretty purple rug for their room and suddenly they never liked purple and have no idea why you thought they did.

My almost four year old daughter has recently discovered the world of ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ and in true toddler fashion, what she wants to be when she grows up will change depending on her mood/the time of day/the color of her dress. Yesterday she wanted to be a magician when she grew up, the day before it was a doctor, while the day before that it was a unicorn. We’ve entertained every possible (and a fair share of impossible) things she could grow up to be, from astronaut, to detective, to witch, to princess, to tiger, so I think it’s safe to say she’s still a tad undecided.

Today though, we have apparently decided that we want to write a book. The catch? She doesn’t actually know how to write, or read for that matter. A minor problem but we found the perfect solution: mommy will write the book as dictated by Lilly while Lilly concentrates on drawing the pictures. After all, everyone knows the pictures are the only part of the book that matter, right? All I can say is, at least it’s a little bit more realistic than ‘unicorn princess’ from last week.


12 thoughts on “Write a Book or be a Unicorn: How do I Decide?

  1. Apparently when I was about seven I developed what would be the predecessor to my blogging time occupations. I penned the following story (that I actually identified as a story to begin my writing career): “I’m having a bad day. The End.” Clearly, I foresaw the creation of Twitter…

    Tell your daughter that she can be anything she wants provided it includes pooping chocolate chip cookies…If it isn’t obvious, I’m pulling for unicorn princess. But, maybe you have to be a unicorn queen for something like that?

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    1. A very concise and thought provoking story indeed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i think if my daughter really wants to be a unicorn, she should stick to unicorn princess, because that way I can be the unicorn queen πŸ˜†

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