The Perfect Number

When I was younger, I always said I wanted a large family, with at least 6 kids. Needless to say everyone either thought I was crazy or that I’d come to my senses after I actually went through the process of having a baby.

As I matured, I decided maybe 6 kids really were too many to handle and I needed to lower the number of members in my imaginary family. So I decided 4 was a much more reasonable number and congratulated myself on being so sensible.

When I got married and had my first child at the age of 28, I finally understood why everyone kept telling me that having babies (and raising babies) wasn’t exactly easy. So I reevaluated my life plan a little and conceded that maybe aiming for 3 kids was a much more realistic goal.

Fast forward to today: as I sit here at 1:36am, massaging my aching back and trying to will away my pregnancy insomnia, I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, 2 really is the perfect number after all.


12 thoughts on “The Perfect Number

  1. I wanted six kids too. My husband wanted two. We compromised with four. Now he has six (two from his second marriage). Funny how these things work out. ^_^

    Of course, they’re all adults now… but still.

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      1. I’m obligated to point out that I didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. We weren’t trying to have four kids in four years… I know I wasn’t… but it happened and what can you do? I had six pregnancies (two miscarriages) in four years. It wasn’t fun. And trust me, we did everything — aside from abstinence, because let’s not get crazy, ^_^ to prevent it. After the fourth, kid popped out (well during the c-section) the doctor tied my tubes so I couldn’t have anymore because I swear if my first husband looked at me the wrong way I ended up pregnant.

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  2. I never had a “set” number when I was young, but knew I wanted “many.” Whatever “many” meant. I have 5. But, there was a 8 year gap between my first 2 and then then rest were one after the other. I think pregnancy is in it’s own category, but once we are holding that little bundle, we forget all about these days of insomnia and it is funny how easy it is for 2 am feeds and the delight of holding and nursing a baby at that hour, when just months before you could have cried for being up at that time.

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