The Urge

Every few months or so I get the urge to buy a new laptop and for a few days, it's all I can think about. I obsess over it, research it, even make a trip to the local Apple Store to drool over the latest MacBook. I'll make lists, meticulously go over different models, specs and deals and drive myself to a minor existential crisis trying to answer the eternal question of 'how much memory do I really need?'


After a week or so of battling the urge, I'll start to feel guilty over just how expensive my chosen laptop is, and slowly but surely, I'll talk myself out of actually buying it.

My current laptop isn't that old, I'll tell myself, it's just seasoned. It's not slow, I'll reason, it's just got personality. I'm sure this old thing will last me a few more years, I'll reassure myself, and slowly, the urge will go back into hibernation.

Until next time it'll say, curling up tight in a corner of my mind, I'll definitely get the best of you next time.


12 thoughts on “The Urge

  1. I feel your pain! I so wanted to get a MacBook last year to replace my Chromebook that is falling apart, but then our PC crapped out and we had to replace it. Did get the Mac Mini, though, which I love.

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  2. That’s the life cycle of all my urges: they itch like crazy until, if not satisfied, go back to hybernation. Satisfy them I do seldom. And during hybernation

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  3. Hear you! I had to buy a new one though as my old one was beyond repair and I’m forever grateful to it that it didn’t give up when I wasn’t able to afford a new one but kept going until I could. Hope this one here will be as loyal as the other one πŸ˜‰

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