Life can get very stressful, very fast and if you’re not careful, all that stress can drag you down into a not-so-great place. So when you’re feeling that anxiety starting to pull at your heart, you better have a go-to plan to relieve that stress and keep from getting overwhelmed.

For me, that go-to thing is cooking, baking or anything I can do with my hands. Which is probably why last night found me sitting crossed legged on the living room floor, surrounded by paper, cutting out snowflakes.

Whatever it takes to relax, right?


14 thoughts on “Relax

    1. Cleaning is always helpful for me too, gives me the feeling of control over my surroundings 🙈 Showering and going to sleep are always the best options though! 😂


  1. Beautiful! I’ve been doing a lot of deliberate wound-licking recently. I’m looking at the above comment and your reply, and it sounds so familiar. Ever since the horrendous, painful election, I’ve been obsessed with creating order and beauty in my own home. I find myself tidying and cleaning at odd hours, because I’ve got to have someplace where I have some control. I guess it’s a relatively healthy way to relieve stress!

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