The Art of Overreacting

Me: “Lilly’s 3 today! How can she be 3?? Wasn’t she a teeny tiny baby just yesterday??”

Husband: “She’s growing up fast, but she’s still our baby..”

Me: “Dude she’s 3! That’s a big number. Before we know it she’ll be a teenager and won’t like us anymore!”

Husband: “um, I think there’s a while to go before she’s a teen…”

Me: “she’s going to hate me! And then she’ll like me again but she’ll be getting married and she won’t be our little baby anymore!”

Husband: “….”

Me: *trying not to cry*

Husband: “…”



15 thoughts on “The Art of Overreacting

  1. Oh, boy. Been there, over and over and over again. My only advice: She might not ever get to that dreaded point where she hates you. Neither of our girls were ever that way. Our son, yes. But he did get over it pretty quickly. Adolescent years are not as bad as they’re made out to be. 🙂

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