Wait, What Thing?!

2yr old: Mommy mommy! I’m playing with your thing! When I break it, I’ll get you a new one, ok?

Me: *still groggy from sleep because it’s too early to be awake* That’s nice Lilly.

*goes back to sleep*

*5 minutes later*

Me: Wait a minute, what ‘thing’? And why are you going to break it?!

*sprints out of room to save the mysterious ‘thing’ from breakage*

Great way to start the day, no? Way more effective than an alarm clock at waking you up and fast! Though I think my alarm clock is less likely to give me a heart attack 🤔 

So how was your morning? 


10 thoughts on “Wait, What Thing?!

    1. Well technically the thing could not really be broken since it was a silicon spatula 😂 But I’d never put it past a toddler to break anything and everything if they put their minds to it!

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  1. My kidlings are long past toddler stage… so’s my grandkid come to think of it. But I either get a dog in my face whining to be let out or a cat biting me letting me know it’s feeding time. It’s kind of the same. ^_^

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