Step One of Dealing With a Toddler

Dealing with a toddler can be an overwhelming experience, whether you’re a first time mom like me or an experienced child wrangler. So tips on how to deal with said toddler are always welcome, or at least that’s how I feel. 

So here’s my unsolicited tip of the day for all the besieged toddler-parents out there:

A toddler, like most other predators out there, can smell fear. That means that whatever you do, do NOT panic. If they catch so much as a whiff  of fear in your demeanor, your chances of coming out of the encounter unscathed fly right out the window. Good luck getting them to go to bed/finish their dinner/stop jumping on the coffee table after that. 

So consider taking up mediation, or spending more time in your mental happy place, because showing panic and/or exasperation to a toddler is right up there with showing your bare throat to a vampire: you’re going to lose the battle, and you just might get bitten in the process.

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10 thoughts on “Step One of Dealing With a Toddler

  1. Kind of like when they wake up from a nap, and you’re hoping it’s short-lived: you do all you can to NOT make eye contact with them. When I’m bed-sharing with my little, I will even go so far as to make loud breathing or snoring noises. The last time I did this she started imitating my snoring noises and I started to giggle.

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