Coming to You Live! 

Social media: anyone who says they’re not addicted to it at least a tiny little bit is either lying or in denial. Everyone has their own guilty pleasure, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, kik or any of a bazillion platforms out there. There are definitely way more than we as a civilization need I’m sure, but at least there’s something for everybody, right?

No big secret what my ‘guilty pleasure’ is..

You know one thing that no one *needs* though? Live broadcasting. Come on people, am I the only one who feels that this new ‘live’ feature that many platforms offer is a disaster waiting to happen? What’s wrong with being able to edit or preview something before posting? Why put yourself through the anxiety of posting live when you can record, review and post with only a minutes delay? 

Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly feel that giving everyone (especially teens) the ability to broadcast live is probably not the smartest idea…
NaBloPoMo Nanopoblano


8 thoughts on “Coming to You Live! 

  1. I do and I don’t agree with this. I like it because it is spur of the moment and it doesn’t have to be perfect, but I also don’t like it because anyone can do it. I don’t want to be watching all my friends go “live” on a wild night out while I’m scrolling through Facebook sitting in my pj’s watching Netflix haha

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  2. I’m totally with you except for the ‘especially teens’ bit. I bet most teens are WAY more internet savvy than most adults, just by being products of their time. Teens get a bad rep that isn’t always deserved. My teenage kids would be less apt to bungle a Live feed of anything than me. 😉

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