Does This Skull Make Me Look Crazy: The Day After Halloween

The day after Halloween, at least for me, is always a little depressing. It’s like the day after your birthday or the day after the big party you’d been planning for ages: all the build up, the anticipation (and the event itself) are over and it just leaves you feeling a little deflated. Heck, even the event itself isn’t the highlight, it’s the month long preparations that go into it that are the most fun part!

So yes, it’s the day after Halloween and I’m not looking forward to taking apart the spooky house look and replacing it with boring ‘same old, same old’ house look again. Why can’t my home look spooky all year round, I ask? Sure, having disembodied skulls hanging on my front door in March might cause the neighbors to speculate about my sanity, but wouldn’t it be fun though? 

Not my house, but I sure wish mine looked like this! (Image via

Why is it that all the stuff that’s fun in life is also the stuff that makes you look mad as a hatter? Definitely one of the great mysteries of life… 


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11 thoughts on “Does This Skull Make Me Look Crazy: The Day After Halloween

  1. That pic is awesome 😂 if my house looked like that I would like Halloween as well! Funny you should mention birthdays I feel AWFUL when mine is over I don’t know why. Maybe coz everyone is super nice to you then they’re very “bleh” towards you 😂😂😂

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