Late At Night

Sitting beside my living room window on an upper floor of the apartment building, I can see most of the parking lot below. It’s full this late at night, everyone is home and probably snug in bed on this cold and dreary evening. The rain that started falling several days ago is still keeping up a gentle drizzle, making the metal bodies of the cars below glisten in the glow of the streetlights. 

I look down at the lot, shrouded in rain, mist and shadows, not a soul in sight. And just as I start to look away, something, something indefinite, something shadowy, begins to move.



6 thoughts on “Late At Night

  1. Hey! Don’t scare me like that! You didn’t even warn me or anything!!!

    Last night I was home alone all night and just before 1am something ,it must have been one of the dogs, made a VERY human like noise. I stuck my head out of the door of the room I was totally freaked out and yelled “HELLO!” and two dogs and a cat looked at me like I was out of my mind. Which immidately let me know that there was no one else in the house but the adrenaline had already been sent out and it must have taken another 5 min. for my heart rate to settle down and my hands to stop shaking. For a night owl I’m such a wimp about things that go bump in the night!

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    1. Ok that sounds scary 😵 I may love scary stories and spooky things but I’m not all that brave either. It is October though so fair warning: expect a touch of spooky on the blog here and there 😁🎃

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