Toddler Contrary


“What do you want for dinner Lilly? I made some rice for you, are you hungry?”

“No I don’t want rice!”

“Ok do you want me to make you some nuggets? Or a sandwich?”

“No dinner!”

“You have to have dinner baby”

“I don’t want to!”


“I made some nuggets for you baby, come eat!”

“I’m not hungry!”

“Come on sweetheart! I’ll let you watch cartoons while you eat!”


“But you have to promise to eat too, ok?”

*too busy watching cartoons to answer*


“You still haven’t finished your dinner Lilly! It’s bedtime!”

“No more dinner!”

“Just a little more baby, there’s only one left…”


“Ok ok, than let’s go get ready for bed..”





“W-What? What happened? What’s wrong? What are doing out of bed?”

“Mommy I want rice”


“Mommy I want rice!”



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True Story.


24 thoughts on “Toddler Contrary

  1. Oh N! I feel for you, I go through the dinnertime challenge everyday, you put it out and its too hot , too cold, too chewy , I don’t like that, can I have ice cream instead? Its not easy getting them to eat , but I feel bad for the am wake up call you had, Huggs, Terri.

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  2. Omg! Lol! πŸ˜‚Do you have a clone of my daughter. That is my exact experience! She even say yay too. It’s amazing how us mothers go through the same thing. 😊

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    1. I think we’ll be able to sleep once they’re off to college, but then we’ll probably be up all night worrying about them πŸ˜‚ I think once you become a parent, you basically never sleep again.

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  3. Been there.
    Toddler fluffs around tonight, not eating his peas. The second I put him in bed “I want something to eat!!!”
    Nope. Not freakin happening kid.

    I swear I’m going to get him back so good when I’m old.

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      1. Or this one that I just got-
        “I’m hungry”
        “I’m hungry”
        “I want something to eat”
        “I’m really hungry”
        “I want something to eat”
        “I’m really REALLY hungry”
        -I give him food-
        “I don’t want to eat”

        *head explodes into a million pieces*

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