Conversations With a Soon-to-Be Preschooler

Me: and you have to remember to go to the bathroom if you have to pee at school, ok?

2yo: *thinks about it for a moment*

Me: ok?

2yo: Mommy, can you come to school with me and tell me when I have to go?

Me: …..

Me: ……

Me: ok, let’s start over


19 thoughts on “Conversations With a Soon-to-Be Preschooler

  1. We’ve entered the truly funky part of potty training with the toddler. And man, you’re my hero for getting where you are now! Because all the bribing has gotten us five or six real times using the potty and a whole lot of puddles around the house.

    Seriously, how did they do this in the 12-19th century because wow. Just…wow…

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    1. In the 12th-19th century they probably weren’t all that interested in pesky things like hygiene so puddles around the house were probably not treated like the pull-out-the-rubber-gloves-and-Clorox events they are now 😂 As for me, I think I spend the better part of 9 months with those God awful pull-ups with no success so when we switched to cotton underwear I think Lilly just potty trained herself out of pity for me 😁

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