A Big Fat Mess

Riddle me this dear readers: what happens when you try to wean your 2 year old off of something she’s unwilling to let go off while functioning on too little sleep? Success? Accolades? Mommy of the year awards? Or a big fat mess?

If you guessed that last one, than congratulations, you guessed right!

As some of you might know, Lilly will be 3 in November and is going to be starting Montessori in a few short weeks. Flipping through her school forms a few weeks ago I nearly snorted my coffee when I saw a tiny little phrase I must have missed the first time I read the forms: children must be toilet trained to enter school.


So after a few hours of freaking out, yelling at my (confused) husband that this was somehow all his fault, freaking out some more and hyperventilating, I decided that it was time to get this toilet training thing done and done right now. Out went all the pull-ups and diapers, drawers were filled with brand new underwear and this mommy went into lockdown with a not-so-excited toddler.

It’s been a few weeks since that coffee-snorting day and I think we’re 90% done, which is awesome! We still use pull-ups for sleeping and experience a few accidents here and there, but over all I’d call it a successful campaign. 

So you could say that things were going pretty well indeed. That is until I got lazy and forgot to put the pull-up on Lilly Friday night.

Nope, that did not turn out that great. We woke up bright and early this Saturday morning to find Lilly sleeping in our bed, which isn’t all that unusual since she can climb in and out of her toddler bed quite easily. No, the unusual thing was the amount of wetness in said bed.

Damn it.

Apparently, Lilly had a little accident in her bed during the night and instead of waking us up or making a ruckus, she simply got up and dragged her dripping wet self into our bed.


So not only did I have to wash and sanitize Lilly’s bed and bedsheets, but also our bedsheets, blankets, mattress protector, comforter and assorted pillows. Apparently we sleep with a whole lot more stuff on our bed than I ever realized. 

And that folks is why you should never, ever forget the night time diapers when attempting to potty train a 2.5 year old. Life is too short to waste Saturday mornings laundering half your bedroom.


21 thoughts on “A Big Fat Mess

  1. Hi N. So sorry about the little accident Lilly had. It happens. Our 3 year old Liam just got potty trained, he had a few accidents, He did potty camp , where he got a little reward for going without being asked . He still has night time diapers, huggs, Terri.

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  2. I think schools stink to force being potty-trained on children. (although I can really understand the poor teachers, with a bunch of 24 non-potty-trained children, education is not exactly your core business anymore). Our school told us they’d appreciate if child was potty trained, or well on the way, but they wouldn’t refuse if it was the other way around. We were lucky to discover our son quite ready to use the potty in the summer before school started, but it’s true that the regular rhythm of going to the toilet in group at school was a great extra motivation. I think he only had one accident at school!
    He still wears nighttime pull ups though. Even if he probably doesn’t need them, as he is dry 13 in 15 nights. It’s just, being heavily pregnant, I cannot cope with the idea of an accident and changing beddings during the night if an accident would happen. I call it hormones (laziness would be a more appropriate term I guess)

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    1. I can understand why schools require it after a certain point, it’s not exactly easy to deal with a room full of diaper-clad toddlers after all! Lilly has been lukewarm towards the whole potty training thing, but I think I’m to blame for that. I haven’t been very consistent with training over the summer and that made her slide back. I think she’s finally getting the hang of it now so yay!


      1. Oh, your husband was so correct–we’ve been there with the poop–the little one decided one night to remove his diaper in the middle of the night…

        Deb was perhaps appalled at my language? Maybe? I dunno, she was saying some stuff too 🙂 Since then, we’ve been locking down the onesies again as we attempt to follow in your path.

        Potty training suuuuucks!

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  3. Oh No! She sure keeps you busy! My almost three-year-old refuses to wear her pull-ups. About once every few nights she wakes up screaming, “MOMMY I PEED.” Then its time to change everything on her bed. She keeps me on my toes 🙂

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  4. Oh no! I’m glad she’s doing so well. Our school said that the kids in their 3-year-old class have to be trained, and BG will turn three right shortly school starts. I was hoping to wait until 3 to start, since that’s what both the kids doctors have suggested, but I guess we’ll have to try sooner.

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