Starting School Already???

Yes, it is finally happening, my little itty bitty baby is starting school this fall! Ok so maybe she’s not all that itty bitty, she is almost 3 after all, and it’s not actually school, just nursery school which is glorified daycare right? But school is school and I am excited! She’s going to go to school! She’s all grown up (kind of)! I get a few hours a day to myself every day!


Is it bad that I’m more excited about that last one then I should be? Look, I love Lilly, she’s my whole entire world, but seriously guys, a girl needs a bit of time away from the house and kids every once in a while to retain her sanity. Me? I think the number of times I’ve done anything without Lilly along for the ride is in the single digits, and that’s counting doctors appointments which don’t really count as ‘me-time’ last time I checked. need a break
Suffice it to say, the start of ‘school’ is going to be an exciting new time for us both and I for one can’t wait! 


16 thoughts on “Starting School Already???

  1. Oh! You must look forward to this event! Life changing event I must say. In India, we start playschool as early as 18 months. Brat is only 27 months and still wrapped around by my bear-hugs. Reminds me, we got to start looking for a playschool for him :p I need my time!!

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    1. Hahahaha! It’s the same in Pakistan: kids start school at 2yrs or else they’re ‘too old’ 😂 I think 3 is a much better age for kids to start school, they have more sense

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