The Things We Leave Behind

When we were kids, computers were not exactly as prolifically available as they are today. Nowadays even toddlers are walking around with a handheld computer in their hands let alone the adults. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, you name it and chances are every person within a 1 mile radius as at least 2 such devices to their name (or possibly on their person right at this moment).

When I was a kid though? Well, I may only be 30, but let’s just say no one was getting a shiny new iPhone every year through their teens when I was that age. Even when I started university the on-campus computers were mostly clunky old monitors that showed the blue screen of death more often than a A-grade paper.

Halfway through my tumultuous university years though the administration decided it was high time we all joined the 21st century and tossed out the old monitors for shiny new models. Which is when I took this picture:


Out with the old and in with the new I suppose, quite literally in this case. Despite all the frustration and annoyance these musty old pieces of tech caused though, I think we all felt a little sad at the sight of them discarded and forlorn at the back of the room. They may have been hopelessly outdated, but they got us through a lot of classes, courses and semesters and in the end, we missed them, even if it was just a little bit…

In response to the WP Discover Challenge.


8 thoughts on “The Things We Leave Behind

  1. I used to work in the computer lab of my first college (this was back in the mid to late 90’s), it was part of my job to lug around and hook up the new computers, make sure they were connected to the intranet correctly, and that everyone could sign on and off. We had about fifty of those monitors and old towers to configure and “name” before anyone could even use them. It was state of the art, baby!

    I remember we had three big signs on orange paper saying that the computer lab was closed and we were in the process of upgrading… people walked right past those signs, sat down and tried to log on, ignoring us when we told them the computer lab was closed. Of course whenever someone tried to log on it messed everything up so we’d have to start over, and they’d get mad at us because the computer lab was closed. >_<

    Ah, fun times.

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    1. Fun times indeed 😂 Working at a school or college can be a thankless job, teens not being the most observant of people or quick to realize they owe someone an apology or a thank you 😁


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