And a Pyromaniac is Born…

When I was about 5 years old, I accidentally set fire to a pile of newspapers in the storage room, emphasis on accidentally. To be fair, I didn’t realize it would catch fire so quickly and all I wanted was to see a pretty little flame. 

Yes, I was a bit of a pyromaniac when I was little, but I grew out of it fairly quickly. 

Then I got married and had a daughter and seeing her face this 4th of July when she saw fireworks up and personal for the first time, I think perhaps she has more of me in her than I thought…



9 thoughts on “And a Pyromaniac is Born…

  1. My brother is an actual, certifiable, pyromaniac. If there is a fire in his town (he’s well into his 40’s now), the cops want to know where he was at the time and if he can prove it. He takes medicine for it. He set fire to so much stuff as a kid… It’s crazy. >_< My mom had to pay the city damages for open fields he lit on fire when we were kids… I truly hope she's not like my brother.

    But fire is pretty. I'll give you that. ^_^ Best in a fireplace or controlled environment though.

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    1. It wasn’t a storage shed, it was more of small room inside the house that we used for storage πŸ˜‚ All the paper for recycling got collected once a week so my grandmother stored it all in the storeroom till the recycling truck came and I just found a box of matches… πŸ™ˆ

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