The Case of the Mysterious Crumbs

Kids by definition are messy eaters. Give them a piece of toast, they’ll have crumbs  on every square inch of the carpet in minutes, give them a piece of fruit they’ll have sticky juice on every available surface, give them anything liquid and I guarantee there will be spills to be cleaned up before the day is out.

Not getting bits of food spilled, smeared or stuck to stuff is apparently not an option where toddlers are concerned.

However usually they need to, you know, actually have food within reach to manage to get crumbs everywhere. Which is why this morning had me doubting my own sanity when mysterious crumbs kept appearing on my living room floor despite there being no cookies/cake in Lilly’s hands. Sure, she had been eating muffins earlier in the morning but that had been an hour ago and I had vacuumed   afterwards! So why was it that every time I turned around there were crumbs all across my floor??

Curiouser and curiouser.

Was I seeing things? Was I imagining that I had vacuumed when in reality I hadn’t? Had my 2 year old figured out how to magically materialize cake out of thin air?

It was around about the fifth time I was vacuuming that I finally caught the culprit: Lilly’s pretty little romper. 

Apparently she had dropped a good amount of crumbs down the front of her outfit while eating and they had gotten trapped by the elastic waist. Now every time Lilly ran across the room, a shower of muffin crumbs fell in her wake, prompting me to pull out the vacuum yet again.

On the plus side, at least I wasn’t going crazy!


7 thoughts on “The Case of the Mysterious Crumbs

  1. This happens to me with my bra more often than I’m willing to admit. I think Lilly and I might be kindred spirits.

    By the way, if she does ever figure out how to magically materialize cake out of thin air, please be a dear and share the secret with the rest of us. I’ve been trying to master that skill for years with no luck.

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    1. Lol! It’s good to know Lilly’s not alone in her crumb-tastic ways 😂 And if she does figure out the whole cake out of thin air thing, she and I can probably sell the method for millions and retire before she starts pre-school 😎


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