That Moment

You know that moment when you finally drag yourself out of mental hibernation to turn on your computer and basically be productive after days of getting nothing done only to realize that your internet connection has decided to slow down to a crawl and your laptop is basically useless now?

That moment.

Sigh. Oh well, better luck tomorrow..


10 thoughts on “That Moment

  1. So not fair! A similar thing happened to me a year or so ago – I had no thoughts of what to write about for days, then all kinds of things happened I wanted to post about…but our internet then went out for three days straight! You have my condolences.

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  2. Hi N,

    Ah, my number one pet peeve is slow internet connection, I almost breakout in hives if I have to wait less than 5 seconds before a page loads. 😀

    ‘Mental hibernation’ is my code name for procrastination, it makes my laziness sound rather important and intellectual. Lol

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