Ramadan: It’s that Time of Year Again!

So it’s 3am and I’m sitting here trying to will myself to get up and start dicing onions and tomatoes in preparation of making omelettes and let’s just say my willpower isn’t all that strong right now. No, I have not lost my mind or forgotten how clocks work, I am preparing to cook before the sun rises because it is officially that time of year again: Ramadan, the month of fasting, has arrived. 

Should I be worried that it’s only the first day of Ramadan and I’m already dreading the making-breakfast-in-the-middle-of-the-night aspect of it? 

Something tells me this is going to be a long and interesting month…

To everyone who is observing the month of fasting, Ramadan Mubarak and happy fasting! Here’s to making it through the month with our patience and sanity intact!


12 thoughts on “Ramadan: It’s that Time of Year Again!

    1. Lol! You can cook in advance of course but it’s a whole month so you’re still cooking while fasting 😁 The fast lasts from sunrise to sunset during which time we can’t eat or drink anything but we also can’t smoke, swear, argue, be mean to each other, etc. so it’s a cleansing of body and mind 😆 Sure we can eat whatever we want at sundown, but after a few days of fasting everyone’s craving fresh hot food at the closing of the fast and no one wants sandwiches!

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      1. The sandwiches part was just an extreme example (although DB would love it). I think I would choose food I can eat cold, or warm up, for breakfast. Failing that, I think I’d chop all the veggies I needed for breakfast during the day before. At a push I might persuade myself out of bed to cook something awesome, but there is no way (naja, maybe gunpoint) I would get up extra early to chop stuff.
        Are there swearing / arguing / fighting parties after sunset? Or does that count for the whole month?

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      2. I do prep the day before if I get the chance, but practically speaking there’s never time! We break our fast at sunset, which is around 8:30 right now, after which we eat and drink and relax. Then it’s time to clean which takes a while. By now it’s usually 10. Then comes bedtime routines for the toddler which takes another hour. By now I’m about to collapse from exhaustion and have no energy to prep for the Sehri (the sunrise meal) 😁
        Lol@ the swearing parties! I wish that was a thing! 😂


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