Life nowadays is full of hustle and bustle, nonstop noise of one kind or another. There’s nothing wrong in that of course, life would be extremely boring if it was quiet all the time and nothing happened. That being said though, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing….

So yes, today I do not want the noise. Today I need some peace and quiet so my mind can recuperate and my body can break itself out of the always tensed for action mode it seems to be in. Today I want no noise, no hustle and bustle, no loudness. Today all I want is my bubble of quietness, at least for a little while.


12 thoughts on “Quietness

    1. lol! Well, my in-laws decided to drop by and I ended up making and serving lunch to multiple people in 3 shifts, and than tea as well! So not so much of the quiet time today 😁 Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow!


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