My Toddler has Fashion Sense (and it’s Better Than Mine)

When you have a baby girl, you dream of the day when she’ll be old enough to go clothes shopping with you or help you pick out the perfect outfit from your closet. You day dream about mother-daughter shopping trips and other girly things you’ll get to do together.

And then your tiny little baby becomes an opinionated toddler and you realize that a tiny diva with a fashion sense isn’t exactly all rainbows and butterflies.

Yes, it has happened: my 2 and a half year old daughter has developed her own sense of style and it’s apparently better than mine.

Gone are the days when I dressed her how I saw fit and called it a day. No, now Lilly knows exactly which top she wants to wear with which leggings and God help me if any of the chosen items are in the laundry.

As for mother-daughter shopping trips? Well, now if I ever go browsing the clothes aisle with Lilly in tow, she very loudly proclaims that she dislikes whatever it is I’m holding up and will actually scold me if I still attempt to buy it.

So yes, like I said, her sense of style is better than mine, at least as far as she’s concerned!



Pink Pear Bear

12 thoughts on “My Toddler has Fashion Sense (and it’s Better Than Mine)

  1. Funny enough, my son does the same thing. He will even attempt to change my hair style to how he thinks looks prettiest on me. We’ve had to have some autonomy discussions, to explain clearly that he doesn’t govern how Mommy looks. When it comes to his clothes, though, I don’t even bother anymore. Go get dressed. And he matches better than I do.

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  2. Well she is rocking those outfits, and looks incredibly cute!! However, you’ve just made me feel a bit better about the fact that I have 2 boys, and I will admit to mourning the fact that I’ll never get to do girly shopping trips that I’d dreamed of! I’ve heard from others who have daughters, that they go through the same thing on shopping trips with their toddler daughters! My boys have never questioned what I dress them in-maybe it’s easier that way…!!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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    1. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? 😂 There’s pros and cons to having girls just like there’s pros and cons to having boys! Maybe it’ll get better when she’s older 😁


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