Eyeglasses, Pink Shirts and a Pair of Scissors

Stuck indoors with an energetic toddler isn’t exactly the best way to spend two consecutive days, not if you wish to retain your sanity that is. There is only so much entertainment you can provide your tiny tyrant before you start craving some milder, quieter way to pass the time.

Which is probably why I found myself looking at the hot pink shirt I had just pulled out of the dryer (and Lilly had outgrown), and instead of putting it away in the donation pile I decided to do this:

Turns out toddler shirts are great for whipping up that eyeglasses case you’ve been meaning to buy but haven’t gotten around to yet. Just throw in some soft felt for the lining, a bit of thread to sew it all up, and voila! A soft case for your new eyeglasses Β with a bit of something to always remind you of your adorable little princess.

You know what they say, there’s nothing like a toddler bouncing of the walls to drive you to cutting up shirts and making eyeglass cases out of them.

Ok so maybe that’s not exactly what they say but you get the idea…


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