A Thought on a Sunday

I live in USA, my parents live in Pakistan, and every day without fail I FaceTime them, even if it’s only for a few minutes. And every day without fail I tell my mother that I’m exhausted.

It’s become a running joke with us, my perpetual exhaustion, but what can I say, I really do feel exhausted all the time! I wonder how mothers of 2,3 or multiple kids do it when I’m this tired with just 1 kid to contend with. Or is it just a layering on of more exhaustion with each successive kid? Does it level out at some point? Reach a plateau? Or do moms go through life eternally in need of a good back rub?


19 thoughts on “A Thought on a Sunday

  1. My cousin (who has three kids) once told me that the first is hard, the second doubles the workload and the third increases it exponentially. He was, unfortunately, right. I’m not sure how mothers can continue to do it other than that you get good at being tired and it’s very true that you worry about much less stuff when you add subsequent children. Much less stuff. Poor Jane… πŸ˜‰

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  2. After the third kid it plateaus… at least it did for me. i had four. The first three were hard, by the fourth, I was “Eh, one more isn’t gonna add any more to the workload.” Because by then the first one was old enough to help I guess.

    I was still exhausted all of the time. Still am. My youngest is nearing 30 and I still haven’t recovered from having four kids. Ha!

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