For the Love of Tea

Tea: it’s pretty much the best thing out there, right up there next to pizza, family and world peace (not necessarily in that order of course).

Pair tea up with a genuinely nice person, and you get amazing stories like this:

don ritchie Meet Don Ritchie, just another guy living out his retirement in peace and quiet. Except for the fact that he managed to save about 160 people from committing suicide just by offering them a warm smile, a listening ear and a hot cup of tea. See, Don lived across the road from the most popular suicide spot in Australia, a steep cliff known as ‘The Gap’, and instead of packing up and moving to a less depressing spot, Don made it his life’s mission to try and help these lost souls and convince them not to jump. The world lost literally the nicest guy in the universe when he passed away at the age of 86. We need more people like Don Ritchie in the world..


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