Arranging Love (part 3): The Interrogation


“Well what?”

“Well how was it? How was he? What did he say?”

“It was nice N, he was nice..”

“What was he wearing?”

The girl’s brother laughed at the question.

“Of all the things you could ask me about the guy, you want to know what he was wearing first?”

“Fashion sense is important too! Says a lot about his personality!”

The girl’s brother laughed again.

“Whatever you say N.”

“Did you ask him all the questions on my list?”

“Of course I did!”

The girl grinned. In the absence of being able to meet and interrogate/talk to a prospective match yourself, it sure was nice to have an older brother willing to invite the guy out and interrogate him for you.

This but with better lighting

Still smiling to herself, the girl settled in to listen to her brother go over his meeting with the boy, not wanting to miss a single detail.


To be continued…

Over the years since I’ve been blogging I’ve been asked more than once how I met my husband, how arranged marriages work. Each marriage, arranged or not, comes about differently and I can’t speak for them all, but this is my story.

If you missed it, you can start at part 1. If you want to know what happens next, here is Part 4!


13 thoughts on “Arranging Love (part 3): The Interrogation

  1. Hi,

    Lol @ “but with better lighting”. I have read all three parts of this series, it’s so interesting reading your personal story.

    Knowing there’s a happy ending makes it even better. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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