6 Reasons my Toddler made me Shriek Today

Sometimes it feels like I spend more time nearly (or actually) shrieking then not these days, and all because Lilly decided to do something that nearly gave me a heart attack. Toddlers really do know how to drive their parents to distraction, don’t they? It’s like a super power, one that is probably responsible for all these white hairs I keep finding on my head.

Did I shriek because of something my kid did today? Of course I did. More than once. Why did I do it? Well, because:

  • She dipped the shower curtain in the toilet because of course she did
  • She decided to climb onto the dining table and play trampoline because apparently a dining table looks like a trampoline
  • She started eating the soap bubbles in the bath because it seemed like a good idea
  • She put her chair next to the kitchen counter, climbed up, and tried to take the very large and very sharp kitchen scissors because she needed to cut the tags from her new shoes
  • She thought it was a good idea to stick her hand in the trash can because she didn’t want me to throw out the packaging for my new leggings
  • She accidentally pushed my very much still new and lacking-a-protective-case iPhone from the kitchen table and onto the wood floor below

So is there an award out there for ‘trying to induce a parental panic attack’? Because if there is, Lilly has definitely earned it today.


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