Most days it feels like I’ve always been a mom, that I’ve always had a tiny terror attached to my hip wreaking havoc on any and all plans.


I know I know, my daughter is only 2 and a half so obviously I’ve spend more of my life as a non-parent than as a parent, but there are still days when I can barely remember a pre-baby life when my every action and reaction wasn’t colored by the fact that I’m a mom.

Some days though, are different. Those days have moments when Lilly will look at me with her tiny face upturned, smiling, and call me mommy, and it’ll give me a jolt, a funny feeling in my tummy. In those moments I’ll find it incredible to believe that I’m a mom now, that this mini human being is in fact my child and she looks at me the way I look at my mom, and that thought is equal parts magical and terrifying.


6 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Those moments are worth it all. I remember a lot of moments when I was watching our three play from a distance, and I’d get a powerful sense of joy in all being right with the world. Priceless.

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